My goal with this blog is to inspire and equip church leaders to build healthy churches that fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

Stressed man with headache

I Can’t Do This Anymore, What Should I do?

Have you ever thought, “I’m just not sure I can do this anymore?” Whether it’s post-pandemic frustration, marital stress, or ...
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Three Volunteers with arms draped over each other

Do You Ever Wish You Could Recruit More Volunteers and Develop More Leaders?

Do you ever wish you could recruit more volunteers and develop more leaders?Finding high-caliber volunteers before the pandemic was nearly ...
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DREAM team on stage

Why You Should Attend the DREAM Even If You’ve Already Been

Often, when I talk to church leaders who have attended DREAM, their first question is, “What’s new this year?” The ...
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Creative business team laughing together

4 Secrets of a Powerful Ministry Team

Ministry teams are the church's heart and soul, and a powerful ministry team can help foster a healthy church. While ...
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two babies sitting in the floor with paint all over them.

4 Ways to Manage Messy Members

At Oak Ridge, we say, "come as you are," but please, don't stay that way. Our church is an incredibly ...
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Old dilapidate church in small prairie locations

3 Steps to Resurrect a Dying Church

Before I came to my current church, they had been on a 15-year plateau followed by a near-death experience due ...
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Happy young students walking outdoors

Rethinking Student Ministry Part 2: The New Experiment

Guest Post by Gary McCabe, Pastor of Family Ministries & Mobilization, Oak Ridge Baptist ChurchIn Part 1: The Definition of ...
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Teenagers Young Team Together Cheerful Concept

Rethinking Student Ministry, Part 1: The Definition of Insanity

Guest Post by Gary McCabe, Pastor of Family Ministries & Mobilization, Oak Ridge Baptist ChurchIn recent months I have noticed ...
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hands holding the holy bible

7 Tips to Read the Bible Through in A Year

Guest post by: Ron Edmondson - 7 Tips to Read the Bible Through in a Year.Are you up for a challenge? How ...
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Crop close up of male business partners sit at desk with hands clasped talk at meeting in office.

The Most Critical and Yet Neglected Habit Required for Church Growth

I have led and taught the principles of church growth for over two decades. It’s been my privilege to assist ...
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Man greeting women at church holding a sign that says, "We're Glad You're Here!"

3 Ways to Move an Attender to a Member

A healthy church is intentional about setting up structures and processes to help move an attender to a fully engaged ...
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delta variant

3 Realities Needed to Lead the Church in Times of Chaos

A new poll was released by Gallup showing that Americans who were just beginning to feel optimistic that we were ...
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people worshipping

3 Tips for Weekend Church Announcements

One of my greatest memories as a kid was going to Walt Disney World in Florida. Every year, my mom ...
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4 Ways to Wow Your Guests

4 Ways to Wow Your Guests

Recently, some friends and I decided to patronize a new local restaurant. This place had gained a lot of buzz ...
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man dragging a canoe in the ocean

3 Reasons to Define Your Church’s Purposes

Before I became a pastor, I worked for Amdahl, a computer mainframe company that competed directly against IBM. It truly ...
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Pastor Brian Moss giving a sermon on setting healthy boundaries

5 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is an integral part of establishing your identity and is vital for your mental health and wellbeing ...
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Bible sitting on a wooden table with a pair of glasses setting on top of bible

24 Ways Theology Undergirds Ministry

Theology is not abstract ramblings about how many angels can balance on the head of a needle. Theology is a ...
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A large elephant in a room

How to Deal with Poisonous Parishioners

Wah, wah, wah! Murmur, murmur, murmur. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Every church has ‘em — whiners, complainers, gossipers, and backbiters. It’s ...
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praying hands, young woman prayer with hands together over a Holy Bible, spiritual light, mind and soul peace

Soul Care When You are an Introvert with the Spiritual Gift of Service

Guest post written by Mark Reynolds, Executive Pastor of Business Operations, Oak Ridge Baptist Church What is Soul Care? A ...
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Measuring tape with orange background

How Do You Measure Your Church’s Mission During COVID?

Every year I do a message called the State of the Church. It’s a time when I pause, reflect, and ...
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Teenage daughter hugging mother's leg on the beach.

I Failed as a Parent: Now What?

Parenting is hard. You could do everything right and still feel like you failed as a parent. Why? Because we ...
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snowy bridge in the woods

Community Outreach: How Santa’s Wonderland Became a Cultural Bridge

Bridge events are relationship-building events designed to draw the "unchurched" from your community into relationships with members of your church.For ...
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worried girl on bench, black & white photo

Celebrate Recovery: A Real Life Recovery Story

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery program offered in over 3,500 churches nationwide and internationally. It is designed to bring ...
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People walking into church with masks on and social distancing

10 Reasons Why Churches Need to Reopen

I feel we’re getting it wrong when it comes to keeping our churches closed (Andy Stanley) or brazenly opening the ...
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