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3 Ways to Move an Attender to a Member


A healthy church is intentional about setting up structures and processes to help move an attender to a fully engaged member. This process is often referred to as assimilation. Any church that’s worth its weight in salt, takes time to develop a plan for how to gather and grow people to know and serve God. Assimilation plans can be fairly complex with many moving parts, but for today’s purpose, let’s focus on just one aspect of the process that packs a powerful punch… the Connect Card!

Yeah, I know, you’re already using some sort of Connect Card, but the question is…are you using it to its full potential? If used correctly, a Connect Card can be considered assimilation gold! Unfortunately, most churches miss the mark on how to best use this simple tool.

Here are 3 ways to effectively use a Connect Card to help move people from spectators to participators.

The main thing a Connect Card does is to tell you who’s in the seats.

Use the Connect Card to build a bridge to everyone in your church, not just the new guests.

Create a culture where filling out a Connect Card becomes part of your church’s norm. Embed the process into your services so it becomes as natural as singing during worship.

Start by giving people a reason to fill out a card every time they attend a service in person or online.

Yes, I said online! if you are streaming services, you need to provide an online Connect Card or there are some holes in your assimilation plan.

Do this by…

1)  asking folks if the pastoral staff can pray for them, and then genuinely follow up with individuals when you do. People are much more likely to provide their contact information when given a space to ask for prayer, and when you make it known that you want to pray for them. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – John Maxwell

2) encouraging folks to interact with the card as part of the message action step or in response to a question or as a desire to acquire a resource mentioned during the service (i.e., “Write the word ‘book’ on your Connect Card and we’ll send you the link,” or “Tell us how you heard about us.”)

3) using the Connect Card as a way for people to “take their next step” of faith by checking a box to sign up for a Growth Track class, a serving opportunity or to get baptized, and then following up.

Here is an example of a Connect Card (Front & Back View) that we use at Oak Ridge.


Connect Card (Back View) used for Church Assimilation



The Connect Card can be a valuable source of information that gives you a natural way to engage with your people to start building those valuable relationships and keep people coming back for more.

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