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3 Reasons to Define Your Church’s Purposes

Before I became a pastor, I worked for Amdahl, a computer mainframe company that competed directly against IBM. It truly was a David versus Goliath scenario since IBM monopolized the mainframe market. For a while, Amdahl succeeded because of its passion for customer service, but the company lost its soul—its purpose—and in 1997 it closed its doors forever.

What does Amdahl have to do with the church?

Churches across North America are failing for the same reason. They’ve retreated into a holy huddle and lost their purpose.

The only way churches can get back to the way things ought to be is to look back at the way things were meant to be. Jesus designed His church to fulfill His purposes.


3 Reasons to Define Your Church’s Purposes


1 .  It allows concentration.

“…I am bringing all my energies to bear on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,” (Philippians 3:13, The Living Bible)

The secret to success is FOCUS. Paul said, “this one thing” I do, not these 50 things I dabble in.

And when we define the purposes of our church, we are also clarifying what they are not. Every YES is a NO to something else.

2.   It attracts cooperation.

When Ezra challenged the Jews to rebuild, they said:

“…tell us how to proceed…and we will fully cooperate.” (Ezra 10:4, The Living Bible)

It is the leader’s job to cast the vision and clarify the task. People won’t jump on board until they know where they are being taken.

3.   It assists evaluation.

“Spiritual people evaluate everything…” (1 Corinthians 2:15, GW)

Some pastors feel that numbers are just a worldly tool, but can you imagine going to a doctor who never runs any tests to evaluate your health?

Churches all over America are in failing health. No conversions. No baptisms. No new guests. Just going through the motions with no clearly defined PURPOSES to measure up to.

It’s our job as church leaders to discover and fulfill the purposes mandated by the Master for His church.

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