How to Make America Great (or any country for that matter)

I have lived through twelve presidential election cycles.

In each one the candidates work hard to point out what’s currently wrong with our country, what it will take to fix it, and why they are uniquely qualified to get the job done (though often more time is spent explaining why their opponent is NOT qualified to get it done).

Every campaign uses slogans that are meant to elicit our emotions and move us to action:

For the Future (Nixon)
The Stakes are Too High for You to Stay at Home (Johnson)
A Leader, For a Change (Carter)
America Needs a Change (Mondale)
The Better Man for a Better America (Dole)
Reformer with Results (Bush)
Let America be America Again (Kerry)
Change We Can Believe In /Change We Need / Hope and Change (Obama)
Make America Great Again (Trump)

And yet no president, government or armament can bring about the changes that are most needed in our community, country or world.

The problems facing our world today seem almost insurmountable.  In the face of these global giants it’s easy to assume that we could never make a real difference.

There are three ways we respond when faced with overwhelming challenges:

  1. We can fear it – allowing the challenge to chain you.
  2. We can feed it – allowing the challenge to chafe you.
  3. We can face it – allowing the challenge to change you!

Christians are called to make a tangible difference in this world.  Jesus called us salt and light, both of which have a measurable impact on their surroundings. I not only believe that Jesus meant it when He challenged us to change our world; I believe He expects it.

So, how can an ordinary Christian make an extraordinary difference in a troubled world?


1. You must change the world inside you before you can change the world around you.

You cannot share what you do not have. Before you try to change the world, be sure God has changed you.

How can we experience real change?

Peter said, “I am a servant and [change agent] of Jesus Christ. I write this [letter] to you whose experience with God is as life-changing as ours…” (2 Peter 1:1, The Message)

When Jesus enters your life He transforms you from the inside out in order to send you out!

Changed people change people.

2. You must see daily irritations as divine invitations.

We often feel ‘called’ to change the problems 2,000 miles away while ignoring the problems right in front of us.

It’s far easier to have compassion for earthquake victims in another country than to have patience in line at the grocery store.

Changing the world doesn’t start by boarding a plane.

Changing the world begins right here, right now, with the people right in front of you.

3. You have to sacrifice to serve.

You cannot make an impact without making a sacrifice. It will cost you something to make a difference. Maybe that sacrifice is giving up your time. Maybe it means taking your next step in your own faith journey. Maybe it means saving up for when God opens a door.

No matter what, it will mean getting out of your comfort zone.

The world’s challenges can only be changed when we have been changed by the challenges.


So, how about it?

Are you ready to make a difference with your life?

Are you ready to change your world?

Join us on a journey of change beginning September 25th as our church learns how we truly can change our world!

Change Your World Introduction from Oak Ridge on Vimeo.


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