Santa’s list is filled with the names of CHANGED LIVES!!!

Thank you for INVITING, PRAYING and SERVING at this year’s Christmas services.  We had a combined total of 1,965 people attend our 11 services at 2 campuses.

Best of all, we had 63 people who shared with us that they made a commitment to Christ this year!


Folks, it never gets old for me. When people step across the line of faith and surrender their life to to the care and control of Christ, it not only changes them here and now, but it carries them into eternity.  NOTHING the church does will ever matter more than seeing people come to Christ.  And NO CHURCH gets the job done with just a few volunteers.

YOU made their Christmas the best one ever.  THANK YOU to every one of you that served at Santa’s Wonderland or one of our Christmas services.  Your hard work, love, and sacrifice during the holidays made a difference.  You played a part in every one of those decisions and heaven is going to be a better place because of it.

Words cannot express how much it means to me to serve at a church where people get it.

You GET that lost people matter to God.

You GET that we must do everything we can to reach them.

You GET that we must put priority ahead of our preference.

You not only get it, but you’re putting your time, talent, energy and money into it.

I am so proud to serve with so many passionate Christ followers.

You are the DREAM!


I love you all,

Pastor Brian

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