The DREAM Church Conference

Are you a ministry leader who…

  • Dreams about what your church could be like?
  • Wants to increase your effectiveness in reaching your community?
  • Wants to turn the “unchurched” into fully devoted followers?

The DREAM is a 2-day church conference for ministry leaders and their team who dream of a healthy and growing church. The DREAM is designed to equip church leaders with the tools they need to become difference-makers in their community.


On the first day of the DREAM we set the foundation for the DREAM model.


The second day provides practical break-out sessions where attendees can network with Oak Ridge staff and other church leaders covering every program area of the church.


Twenty years ago, Oak Ridge went through a near-death experience that almost closed the church forever. There were no children, no baptisms, and only about 30 attendees on a Sunday morning. The leaders committed themselves to the principles of the DREAM and since that time, Oak Ridge has baptized over two thousand new believers, launched dozens of ministries, and mobilized thousands of people all over the world.

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