Why You Should NOT Give Money to that Homeless Person

There he is again. The guy at the corner holding his sign, hoping that sympathetic travelers will donate some money to his cause.

I realize that, as a pastor, I risk being vilified by my own constituency.

“Pastor, doesn’t the Bible teach us to give to the poor?”

However, as a church that launched the single largest ministry to the homeless and poor in our city, I do have a few opinions on the subject.


1. You are usually buying a lie.

Dishonest money brings grief to all…” (Proverbs 15:27, The Living Bible)

Pretend your 5 year old had strep throat and you jumped in the car to buy them some throat lozenges. On the way you spot someone selling low-cost throat lozenges on the corner. “These are guaranteed to relieve the burn of your poor 5 year old’s throat,” the solicitor tells you. You buy the lot! However, after your 5 year old has tried some you realize that they are only cherry candy. They didn’t help your child at all. Would you be mad? Of course you would. You’d realize that the person lied to you about the product and about the outcome. Not only were you ripped off, but your child is worse off.

Frankly, that’s the case with the cardboard toting solicitors. They all have a story to tell. They just need something to eat. They just need enough for a bus ticket. Their relative is sick and they need to get home. Their car is out of gas. They just need a little to get back on their feet. The local charities wouldn’t help. On and on the stories go. The only problem is that they’re almost never true. There is a word for when someone elicits money under false pretenses: fraud.

Why do you get mad if a car salesman rips you off but not a cardboard salesman?

2. You are usually feeding an addiction.

Why should fools have money for an education when they refuse to learn?” (Proverbs 17:16, CEV)

Conservative statistics show that 64% of the homeless have addiction problems and some studies have placed that number as high as 90%. I realize that some homeless have made jokes about their addiction:


Addiction is no laughing matter.

If someone who you knew was suicidal asked you for a rope would you give it to them?

3. You are destroying their dignity.

Even while we were still there with you, we gave you this rule: “He who does not work shall not eat.”
(2 Thessalonians 3:10, The Living Bible)

Every time you do something for someone that they should have done for themselves, you are destroying their dignity. Every western Christian would do well to read When Helping Hurts by Corbett & Fikkert.

Any parent knows that one of the most important lessons that we can teach our children is that they should work to earn money. Getting something without working for it breeds ingratitude, laziness and even contempt.

If you knew that giving money to a beggar actually made them feel worse about themselves, would you still do it?

Well, now you know.

4. You are postponing life-change.

The Lord…refuses to satisfy the craving of the wicked.” (Proverbs 10:3, NLT)

Giving money to someone who is almost assuredly going to use it to continue a destructive lifestyle is not compassionate, it’s complicit. People don’t change when they see the light; they change when they feel the heat. Giving them money may make you feel good, but it almost certainly isn’t used for good. Real life change occurs when the well dries up and they begin to seek long-term solutions.

Thankfully, those solutions are out there. For example, in our city that long term solution is a ministry called HALO – Hope and Life Outreach.

HALO exists to give the poor a HAND UP, not a HAND -OUT and their ministry is doing just that! Their Journey of HOPE program is an intensive, year long program that restores dignity, equips them with life skills and gets people off the streets. I had the privilege of attending a recent graduation ceremony and I have to say it was truly moving.


If you REALLY want to help the homeless, don’t give your money to the cardboard solicitor, give it to a ministry that is working to bring hope and healing to the homeless and hurting.

What are your thoughts?

  • Michele Adkins
    Posted at 11:01h, 31 July Reply

    Beautifully put, Pastor Brian. I think point 3 is the most important. Everybody needs to feel they have a purpose and contcontre. When we deny that, we are stealing their chance at joy.

  • Scott Creager
    Posted at 00:13h, 01 August Reply

    Amen.I never give money because simply put, it’s not what they need. Food, clothing, shelter and healing are what a homeless person needs. Money is only a tool to obtain them. Money is destructive to a homeless person.
    Pastor Brian, you might can verify, but I don’t recall Jesus ever giving money to meet a need.

    • Brian Moss
      Posted at 00:36h, 01 August Reply

      In Jesus’ very first sermon recorded in Luke 4, Jesus said He came to “bring good news to the poor.” A very different approach than “I came to bring money to the poor.”

  • Jeffrey Clark
    Posted at 10:25h, 03 August Reply

    Another thought is, keep several HALO “invite” tickets to hand out which offer free food and shelter and “A Journey of Hope.” In one small piece of paper they are given the opportunity to make that life changing decision to live… not just exist..

    • Brian Moss
      Posted at 12:38h, 13 August Reply


  • Lois
    Posted at 11:47h, 31 May Reply

    When I see this, I offer a bag of food. Many say “no.”

  • Susie
    Posted at 12:29h, 31 May Reply

    Excellent post Pastor Brian, and as a former “undiserable” it wasnt money I needed, it was love,compassion, direction and I got all of these and so much more at Halo and ORBC! Thanx to all…forever grateful!

  • Gene Merricks
    Posted at 12:10h, 02 June Reply

    Awesome insights pastor B…
    I agree with you 100%. My being homeless in the past was a result from my addictions. However I never went to the point of standing in the heat ,holding a cardboard sign and bring shame to my family and myself…
    Give a man a dollar and he’ll forget you tomorrow. Show a man how to earn one and he will remember you!

  • Deborah West
    Posted at 08:34h, 28 January Reply

    HERE IT IS: His pitch for his congregation to give him the money they would have given the homeless. And based on his obvious disdain for the homeless, the Disinformation he is spreading, the deception and manipulation of his congregation, his lack of respect for everyone but himself, and his self-aggrandizing, it is likely the homeless will not see a dime from his organization.

    Pastor Moss is a sociopath hiding behind the pulpit. He should be removed from his post and barred from obtaining a license again,

    • Brian
      Posted at 14:02h, 08 February Reply

      Dear Deborah. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt. May God bring you peace and healing by His divine grace.

  • Charles Lee Williams
    Posted at 23:07h, 25 February Reply

    Lol. I believe the response to Deborah’s comment was degrading and condescending! I was raised a southern Baptist and to my dismay learned over the years of attending church on a regular basis that a good percentage of the congregation is two faced and very biased, hypocritical and prejudiced!! I believe this is true in every “religion” and we as a people have been programmed to believe what we have been told regardless of what the Bible states within its pages. Many “men and women of the cloth” have their own interpretation of the true meaning of the words written in the Bible. It is taken out of content and reworded to fit their own agenda!! Let’s be real organized,and let me repeat that,organized religion is just a money pit to fatten the wallets of the majority of preachers,pastors, priests and any other titles given to these so called gospel spreaders!! Nowhere in the Bible does it say you must attend church to receive the word of God. A church is a manmade structure just as religion was created by man!! To those that interpret the Bible to fit their own selfish needs and desires,there is a special place reserved in hell for you!! My grandfather was a Baptist preacher for 40+ years. A man at one time I looked up to only to discover he was anything but a righteous man!! And there seems to be a lot of that during the last 30-40 years!! A perfect example:I entered a church to attend service and when the offering plate was past I had nothing to give. And to my surprise a short time later I was approached by an elder and was told I had to leave because I didn’t put in the plate. Organized religion is a business… nothing more and nothing less!!

    • Brian
      Posted at 10:49h, 26 February Reply

      Charles: Sadly, I do agree that there are churches/pastors that fit this category. I’ve been in some of those and it’s so sad. However, I’ve also had the privilege of being a part of healthy and vibrant churches filled with wonderful people who love God and one another. For me, that has been life-giving.

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