When Santa Came to Church He Brought Friends!


Santa versus Jesus

Most Christians are aware that the modern day Santa Claus traces his roots back to Saint Nicholas of the third century–a much loved believer who was renown for his charitable deeds and generosity. Of course, there is no correlation between this godly man and today’s Santa.  However, for better or worse, this jolly old soul has made his way into Christmas tradition for millions of children across the world.

As a church that loves to build bridges into the world of families with young children, we decided to create an immersive Christmas experience for families with the express intent of introducing them to Oak Ridge and inviting them to our Christmas Candlelight services.

Enter Santa’s Wonderland!

Years ago we were one of the dozens of churches that offered an annual Fall Festival as an outreach event, but we realized that there are very few churches that are creating a fun, festive and family friendly event centered around Christmas.  Santa’s Wonderland is our FREE giveback to the community that we pray will be a powerful invitational outreach to young families.

Literally hundreds of volunteers have been hard at work behind the scenes for months preparing to transform our building into Santa’s North Pole complete with elves, crafts, photo-ops, and the man in the red suit!

Geared mostly for children 3rd grade and younger, every family will get to experience the power of our world-class guest services and family focused atmosphere that is sure to have them coming back for more!

Every Santa’s Wonderland attendee will receive an invite card to our Christmas candlelight services, and for the last several years hundreds of people have visited our candlelight services because of Santa’s Wonderland. Even better dozens have been saved and become a part of our church!

How Can You Help?

1. Please pray for this crucial outreach. Our prayer is that we will be able to connect with hundreds of unchurched families through this creative outreach. Last year over 5,000 people attended Santa’s Wonderland and we’re praying for even more this year!

2. Spread the word!  Tell every family with young children to come out and see Santa’s Wonderland! CLICK HERE for info on dates/times.

Feeling excited!

Pastor Brian

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