Christmas Candlelight Service

1. Because people who may be resistant to visit church are incredibly receptive to a special Christmas service. Even people who are normally irreligious feel a sense of longing for a spiritual experience at Christmas time.  They have been inundated with the commercialism of the holidays and yearn for a deeper connection. Last year we had nearly 2,100 people come to one of our six services.

2. Christmas services connect people to their childhood.  People love the nostalgic.  That’s why we see so many facebook postings of childhood pictures on Throwback Thursday.  As we get older we recognize the loss of our childhood memories, particularly as we lose family members.  Christmas is inextricably connected to children and childhood.  It throws us back into our past and many love that feeling.  Deep inside they’re saying, “It just doesn’t seem like Christmas.”  Give ’em a candle and sing a Christmas carol and they’re taken right back into their childhood!

3. Because people GET SAVED at our Christmas services! Unchurched people actually expect to hear about Jesus at a Christmas service.  Their guard is down and they are interested in what the church has to say about Jesus and why He matters.  That’s why we see people make commitments to Christ every year at our Christmas services.  Last year over 100 people made decisions for Christ.  I’m praying for 200 this year!!!  Will you pray with me?

But they’ll never hear until they’re here!

And they won’t get here if you don’t invite.

So come on ORBC, don’t get distracted (Satan’s greatest weapon) during one of our BIGGEST opportunities of the year to reach people with the gospel.


Pastor Brian

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