My goal with this blog is to inspire and equip church leaders to build healthy churches that fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

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3 Keys to Aligning Ministries

We're better together! Alignment is a big deal in all organizations, whether it's a family, a business or a church.  ...
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The Shortest Mission Trip You’ll Ever Take

What if I could offer you a chance to do REAL missions work that could change lives and it won't ...
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As I shared in my last blog, our church leadership is working on three disciplines in 2014: Clarify our mission ...
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Visit to North Coast

3 Principles of Highly Effective Churches

On a recent trip to visit North Coast Church in southern California to check out their multi-venue model, I had ...
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Could Going to a Four Year College Actually be a Setback?

As a father and a grandfather, I have a radically different view of college than I did growing up.  I ...
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Getting More Out of Two Zero One Four

It's that time of the year again! Now that the initial flurry of New Year's resolution articles have subsided, I ...
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New Names Added to the Life List!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Santa's list is filled with the names of CHANGED LIVES!!! Thank you for INVITING, ...
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Christmas Candlelight Service

Three Reasons You Should Invite Someone to Our Christmas Services

1. Because people who may be resistant to visit church are incredibly receptive to a special Christmas service. Even people ...
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Three Things Failure Can Teach You

I was blown away once again by our church's unbelievable unity. We just held a business meeting where we unanimously ...
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New Improved Volunteer Check-In System Coming Soon! We will soon be installing customized check-in modules in each of our volunteer's ...
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When Santa Came to Church He Brought Friends!

When Santa Came to Church He Brought Friends!

Santa versus Jesus Most Christians are aware that the modern day Santa Claus traces his roots back to Saint Nicholas ...
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Did ORBC’s DREAM Change?

On Monday, November 11, 2013, I met with our Real Estate Broker to discuss the status of the contract on ...
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Photo of a Collection Plate

I Have a Question About Tithing?

What should I do if I want to tithe, but my unbelieving husband doesn't? This is actually a complex question ...
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When Does Ministry Count?

One feedback I've gotten over the years (sometimes second hand) has been, "I serve regularly with an organization outside the ...
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The Recipe for Maturity!

What are the Ingredients of Growth? The goal of Christianity is not heaven.  The goal of Christianity is to become ...
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The Power of Unity

WE'RE BETTER TOGETHER One of the coolest verses in the Bible about the power of unity just might surprise you.  ...
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Classes Logo

Do I Really Need to Retake The CLASSes?

FOUR REASONS I NEED TO RETAKE THE CLASSES Someone may have thought (not you, but some other person), "I love ...
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rain on parade

What To Do When Life Rains On Your Parade

Ok, this is the 4th or 5th time we've had a major event planned that required decent weather and we ...
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spiritual growth

Miracle Grow!

Church leaders have asked me, "What is the secret to church growth?"  And the first answer is that there is ...
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Shopping Center Contract Signing 09-29-2013

If You Sign it…

EXPAND THE DREAM In the ten years from 1999-2009, God resurrected a dying church and breathed new life into ORBC!  ...
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volunteer rally

Volunteer Purpose Rally

The Power of a Purpose Rally I remember in school everyone would meet in the gym for pep rallies.  Bringing ...
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Praying for Anna

Living a Life of Layaway

Thursday morning I put my youngest daughter on an airplane to begin her 5 months on mission.  There must have ...
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Why I Began to Blog

As a senior pastor of a large church it's hard to grow yourself in your position without feedback.  That's why ...
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